Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 18

Brave & Strong (3)

Aired Unknown Aug 28, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows a little wool blanket to tell the story of how his sister wanted her blanket wherever she went. Mrs. McFeely calls to inform Rogers that he can see the lambs. This Rogers does in his last visit to the McFeelys' house. The McFeelys show Rogers what food they give the lambs and talk of shearing. Mr. McFeely promises to show a videotape on how lambs are sheared. Back at his television house, Rogers scans through the book Baby Animals and Their Mothers to find the illustration of a sheep and a baby lamb. In the NOM, the Trolley carries special armor for King Friday XIII prior to his attempt to stop the cereal fall. Handyman Negri is prepared, as is Mayor Maggie (she has a temporary new hairstyle and a cereal-proof blanket). They summon Prince Tuesday and Lady Aberlin to applaud their attempted success, which doesn't occur. A message lands on Handyman Negri's standard, detailing that only Daniel Tiger's presence at the Clock can stop the downfall. Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely plays the videotape on shearing sheep and spinning wool into yarn. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Please Don't Think It's Funny, Be Brave And Then Be Strong, Good Feeling.