Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 19

Brave & Strong (4)

Aired Unknown Aug 29, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers takes a sweater out of his closet, but does not put it on. He explains he will get his immunization shot at the clinic. He goes to the clinic, signs in, and immediately shows viewers the children's waiting area. One registered nurse takes Rogers' temperature and pulse. Then Dr. Moore-Forbes takes Rogers' blood pressure. She answers some of Rogers' questions about the immunization before the registered nurse returns to give Rogers the medication. Rogers puts his sweater on and leaves. At the television house, Rogers explains how he used to play doctor with a rag doll. This helped his feelings. In the NOM, King Friday XIII assigns Lady Aberlin to bring Daniel to the Clock to stop the cereal snowfall. Daniel arrives at the Castle, afraid he would drown in the cereal. Chuck Aber gives Daniel an "injection-protection" inflatable boat. Aber and Aberlin ensure Daniel he is brave, and they will go to the Clock with Daniel. The cereal stops falling at their command. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Are You Brave And Don't Know It?, Good Feeling.