Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 10 Episode 13

Bubbleland (1)

Aired Unknown May 19, 1980 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has already set up a synthesizer in the living room. He demonstrates that, by turning a few levers, the keyboard can sound like a flute, an oboe, and a tuba. Mr. McFeely invites Rogers to see Jay O'Callahan, a storyteller. He relates a fantasy about a king who viewed a bubble as trouble and got trapped in it.
In the NOM, King Friday says he would like to have a bubble to cover the balcony. Miss Paulifficate brings baloney to the Castle, misunderstanding the King's desire. She gives the King a phone call from Reardon. He wants to stage an opera about bubbles. The next call is for Handyman Negri. Lady Elaine wants to see him. She wants to play a hummingbird named Hildegarde in the opera. François Clemmons gives bubble solution to Daniel. He blows bubbles that are not orange and black. François blows bubbles that are not black. Daniel wonders why people are so different on the outside and so alike on the inside. François now knows what he wants to play in the opera: a porpoise. He explains briefly what a porpoise is.
Back at the television house, Rogers explains that one thing common among all humans is, they all need to be loved.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Look And Listen, I'm A Real-Live Telephone Operator, Joe Bull, It's You I Like, Good Feeling.