Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 10 Episode 17

Bubbleland (5)

Aired Unknown May 23, 1980 on PBS

Episode Recap

Nothing is normal about this program. The title is simply "Mister Rogers Makes an Opera," with no MRN logo. Rogers, already in sweater and sneakers, does not enter his television house. And rather than Won't You Be My Neighbor?, he sings: It's a beautiful day I this neighborhood A beautiful day for an opera Could we make one? Sure, we'll make one He introduces the stars of the Windstorm in Bubbleland opera. Windstorm in Bubbleland opens in the studios of Bubble Vision and its Bubblewitness News. Its anchor, Robert Redgate, tells viewers the same thing he has said in previous newscasts: there is never any trouble in Bubbleland. Now for the very good news: the National Bubble Chemical Co. has introduced "Spray Sweater." This aerosol can, once the top is pressed, is supposed to make sweaters to protect bubbles. Betty, the head of Betty's Better Sweaters, breaks up the newscast to tell the truth: the cans are only filed with pressurized air. Robert Redgate switches to Friendly Frank, the weather porpoise. He promises the weather will be perfect in Bubbleland tomorrow. But Hildegarde Hummingbird, the remote reporter, knows better. She speaks of an imminent windstorm. All the others, including Betty, tell Hildegarde not to mention windstorms. Hildegarde, not feeling wanted, leaves Bubbleland. The captain of a banana boat is awed by the strange nature of the sea—waves have been sighted. He sees Hildegarde leave. He tells Theresa, the bubble saleswoman, of the now choppy sea. Frank tells them Betty and Robert Redgate are at the National Bubble Chemical Co. There they meet W.I. Norton Donovan, who is intent Bubble Vision promote his product. Betty tells the truth: the cans cannot make sweaters. Worse, the more air is pressed from those cans, the greater the windstorm will be. Betty and Robert dash off. Alone, Donovan changes into the Windstorm. The banana boat captain and Theresa, distressed, rush off to see Bubblewitness News. Robert Redgate asks viewers not to press the button on the top of the cans. He, Betty, and Frank beg for Hildegarde's forgiveness. Hildegarde, watching Bubble Vision, gets the message. But she explains she cares about people and feelings. She instructs those in the studio to build a wall at the pier. This they do, and Betty quickly knits a net. The Windstorm picks up speed, thinking Hildegarde is gone. But she reappears at the pier, reminding all that she is saving the people of Bubbleland, not the bubbles. The Windstorm threatens to knock the wall down until Hildegarde switches into action. The altercation takes too much out of both. Hildegarde urges Bubbleland's citizens to flap their arms to finish off the Windstorm. In the wake of the storm, Bubbleland's citizens fear Hildegarde has died in the course of her duty. But Hildegarde regains her strength. They tell her all the important lessons learned. Opera Songs: There's Never Any Trouble In Bubbleland, It's A Fraud, The Porpoise's Bubbleland Song, Don't Ever Say The Words "Wind Storm" (in two parts), Farewell, Bubbleland, It's Funny, Bubbles For Sale, Something In The Air, All I Ever Blow Is Bubbles, All That's In These Cans Is Just Plain Air, Hello WIND, The Ocean Is Rougher Than Ever, A Plea For Hildegarde Hummingbird, A Hummingbird Cares About People, Oh, What Sadness, I'm The Wind, Blow If You Must, You Can Blow More Bubbles, You're Scared Of Me, Strong As The Wind, Wind's Concession, Hildegarde Hummingbird Tribute, Bubbleland Aria.
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