Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 31 Episode 1

Celebrate the Arts (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 27, 2001 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers is tree-sitting for Mr. McFeely. He shows the oak tree in his kitchen, along with an acorn. He decides to draw a tree as a present for Mr. McFeely. Sure enough, Mr. McFeely visits, teasing Rogers to guess what kind of tree he brings in next. Rogers correctly guesses a pine tree, which he tree-sits as well. Rogers shows the pine tree seed Mr. McFeely has just given him. In setting up the NOM models, Rogers says, "We'll use the Eiffel Tower today." It's the only time post-82 the Eiffel Tower would ever be used. Finally, all the NOM models are together on Rogers' kitchen table. In the NOM, Prince Tuesday is upset with his drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Mayor Maggie compliments the drawing. She takes it to Grand-père, which he likes. When Prince Tuesday hears Grand-père wants to frame the picture, he can't believe his ears. Prince Tuesday agrees to make the frame. Mayor Maggie goes to the Tree (Henrietta Pussycat claims she lives in a Make-Believe Tree, contrary to Show #1508). Both of them join X the Owl in singing Tree, Tree, Tree in preparation for Cousin Mary's visit. Cousin Mary says she has taken up videography. She presents the sycamore tree in which she lives (0:13 location shot). With their enthusiastic support, Cousin Mary shows her tree video for the Owl Correspondence School video course. The video spans all types of trees through all seasons, culminating with the OCS headquarters. A plaque bears the words "Owl Correspondence School" and an Established date. By all looks of things, OCS was founded in 1968. Back at the television house, Rogers recalls his boyhood fascination for trees (he befriended a tree when he was little). Mr. McFeely arrives to collect the trees, which he and Rogers puts in the Speedy Delivery tricycle. Rogers compliments McFeely on how the tricycle is decorated. Mr. McFeely shows Rogers a videotape of people making tricycles for adults. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You're Growing (chorus only), Tree, Tree, Tree, Owl Correspondence School, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Good Feeling.

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