Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 31 Episode 4

Celebrate the Arts (4)

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 2001 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a bag with pieces of material left over from a gift for him. He puts the pieces in no particular order on a piece of sticky felt. Joe Negri calls to invite Rogers to his music shop for the last time. It seems the shop has invited someone who plays a glass armonica (yes, that is spelled correctly). Dean Shostak explains the glass armonica was one of Benjamin Franklin's inventions, inspired by running a finger on the rim of water glasses. The glass armonica has several rims which hum when one touches his wet finger on a rim. Shostak plays The Blue Bells Of Scotland on the armonica (because Franklin liked Scottish music) and Mozart's Adegio in C Major. He and Joe Negri perform a duet of Tree, Tree, Tree. As he is about to leave, Rogers gives the only hint that the series is about to end. He tells Joe Negri, "You've had so many wonderful musicians here in your shop." "That's for sure," Negri answers. "You know, when I'm working around here, I often think about all the people who have come through the doors." Rogers leaves with the sentence, "Thanks for sharing them with me." Back at the television house, Rogers shows the gift from his friend: a brightly-colored quilt. In the NOM, Dr. Bill Platypus is seen for the last time, playing The Blue Bells Of Scotland with Handyman Negri and King Friday XIII. This irritates Lady Elaine, but nothing irritates her more than King Friday's comment: "Why must you stick your big nose into everyone's business, Fairchilde?" Lady Aberlin plays the show's last game of hide-and-seek with the viewers. Elsie Jean motions Lady Aberlin to see her wreath of vegetables. Lady Elaine, covering her head with a quilt, doesn't like Elsie Jean's use of carrots. At this point, Lady Aberlin compliments the artistic covering and the face of Lady Elaine. It's one of the rare times someone has said kind words to Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Now it's déjà vu: she realizes people don't say kind things to her much because she doesn't say kind words to others. Handyman Negri takes a picture of the crowd at the Platypus mound. It's the start of a booklet for the upcoming arts festival. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Tree, Tree, Tree (instrumental), Good Feeling.

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