Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 31 Episode 4

Celebrate the Arts (4)

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 2001 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: No matter what your face looks like, people can like you exactly as you are. Yep, it's what's inside of you that matters most. Our thoughts, our feelings, the way we treat other people, the way we love one another--that's what matters much more than what we look like. (To the viewers) Well, I like you exactly as you look right now.

    • Mr. Rogers: (After making a picture with colored felt) Now of course each person would arrange pieces like this differently, just as each person would choose different colors for a painting or use blocks for a block building in a different way. So the varieties of designs are endless, just as the varieties of people's imaginations are endless.

    • Mr. Rogers: You've had so many wonderful musicians here in your shop.
      Negri: That's for sure. You know, when I'm working around here, I often think about all the people who have come through the doors.
      Mr. Rogers: Thanks for sharing them with me, Joe.

      **This was as close as anyone ever got to an on-show announcement that Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was about to end.

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