Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 31 Episode 5

Celebrate the Arts (5)

Aired Unknown Aug 31, 2001 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with drawings of the Neighborhood Trolley. He observes how different people view and draw the same thing. His happiness from people giving their art to other people just out of love, leads to a video montage (similar to Show #1530). Mr. McFeely arrives with his video compilation of different artists. Some of the images are taken from earlier shows, not all of which are listed here:

Bobby Rawsthorne on guitar
Blanket Weaving (not from Show #1575)
Wynton Marsalis and John Costa (from Show #1563)
Computer Artist drawing Trolley
Ballet with Jaibin Pan and Ying Li (from Show #1758)
Painting sculptured animal
Nondescript Native American dance
Hilary Hahn (from Show #1755)
Another painter
Fittingly, Mr. McFeely is the last visitor to the television house. Both he and Rogers sing Speedy Delivery To You (Rogers invites the viewer to sing along). Rogers says it's important to look for what people can do and appreciate it.
The NOM is ready for the Royal Arts Festival. Betty Okonak Templeton is looking for "Judge" Lady Elaine. Mayor Maggie dresses in a special smock and cap for the festival. She uncovers Corny's artistic rocking chair, which he donates to Mayor Maggie. King Friday is well attired in new royal robes for the Royal Arts Festival. He is ready to see Chuck Aber's contribution when Betty Okonak Templeton says she has found Lady Elaine. Lady Elaine gives her contribution to the festival: a portrait of many of her neighbors (HulaMouse got top billing). As judge of the festival, Lady Elaine says she is proud of her nose and gives first prizes to all the entries. The biggest surprise is a tiny Trolley parachuting to the Castle garden. Chuck Aber is the last neighbor the Trolley sees.
At no point in the final four minutes does Rogers hint that this is his last television visit. He simply says true growing comes from knowing that what one does, in art or elsewhere, helps people (including the artist), sings I'm Proud Of You and Good Feeling, says "I'll be back next time," and closes the door.
And that was it. Literally.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), I'm Proud Of You, Good Feeling.

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