Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 10

Competition (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 1981 on PBS

Episode Cast & Crew

  • Recurring Roles

  • Betty Aberlin
    Lady Aberlin
  • Don Brockett
    Chef Brockett (operated the town bakery 1968-1995)
  • François Clemmons
    Himself (operator of a local theater production company); Officer Clemmons ...
  • Joe Negri
    Himself (owner of Negri's Music Shop); Handyman Negri (Neighborhood of Make...
  • Audrey Roth
    Herself (aka Audrey Cleans Everything, or ACE); Miss Paulifficate (Neighbor...
  • Robert Trow
    Himself; Bob Dog, Robert Troll, Puppet character Harriet Elizabeth Cow
  • Chuck Aber
    Neighbor Aber, the Associate Mayor of Westwood (1981-2001); H.J. Elephant I...
  • John Reardon (II)
    Himself, Metropolitan Opera singer
  • Fred Rogers
    Himself, puppet characters King Friday XIII, Queen Sara, Edgar Cooke, Cornf...
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Comedy, Kids


altruistic behavior, long running show, cultural phenomenon, childlike sense of wonder, mainstream america