Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 10

Competition (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 03, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a watercolor by Andrew Wyeth. He reflects on Wyeth's visit to the television house (flashback from Show 1217). A knock at the back door leads Rogers to find a disappointed Chef Brockett. Brockett talks of how he had entered a cake-decorating contest at a mall (video insert) and didn't win, but he did learn a thing or two about gumdrops. Rogers assures Brockett he and his bakery are admired by everyone in the neighborhood. Brockett sees the Wyeth watercolor and says he can imagine himself in that painting. Before Chef Brockett leaves, Mr. McFeely allows Rogers to try on a giraffe costume.
In the NOM, Queen Sara asks Handyman Negri just how tall Big Bird is. Negri assures her Big Bird is tame. "In fact, he's often featured on television a lot." X is all prepared for Big Bird's visit. He has a greeting all worked out. Henrietta objects to one of X's Welcome Big Bird signs standing too close to her house. Handyman Negri suggests Henrietta is sad because X likes Big Bird more than her. Big Bird arrives with his drawing in a wagon. He tells Henrietta that X is her neighbor, and he does like her a great deal because of that. Henrietta helps X address Big Bird his welcome poem. Lady Elaine charges that Big Bird's drawing is too big for the Draw the NOM contest. King Friday ensures there is no restriction. Lady Elaine hints to the throng that not everyone can make a drawing that moves.
Back at the television house, Rogers talks of how a boy was at first frustrated by a new baby in his family, but as time went on, that younger brother helped the older one.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Today Is A Very Special Day, When A Baby Comes To Your House, Good Feeling.
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