Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 12

Competition (5)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers puts on his lab coat, ready to make a rainbow. He believes he can make one by shining a flashlight through water spray (from a spray bottle). No rainbow emerges. He calls Mr. McFeely for advice. He is told to set up a projector and a sheet of white paper. While waiting for him, Rogers draws a rainbow to vent his anger.
In the NOM, Lady Elaine submits her drawing: a boomerang with her face on one side and the Museum-Go-Round on the other. She meets Chuck Aber, who has a special plane-car attachment that King Friday hopes will make rain. It's the first such part ever made. King Friday needs rain to give his prize for the Draw the Neighborhood Contest.
Last-minute entries are still being sent in. Harriet Elizabeth Cow calls in asking for, and getting, permission to bring the schoolchildren. King Friday declares Ana Platypus the winner, because her drawing included all the neighbors. Aber is at the other end of the NOM to create the surprise prize: a make-believe rainbow.
Back at the television house, Rogers runs a film on how gold is processed. Mr. McFeely arrives, along with Guard Aber, with four different slivers of gold: white gold, yellow gold, pink gold and green gold are used for repairing jewelry. Aber also has a six-pound gold bar. When Aber leaves, Rogers and McFeely go to the kitchen to make a rainbow. McFeely produces a plastic prism, which breaks up the light from the projector to produce a rainbow.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?, Good Feeling.