Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 14 Episode 3

Conflict (3)

Aired Unknown Nov 09, 1983 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a Braille-writing machine, typing a couple of words. He says there are many ways to communicate. After showing a picture of paleontologist Jim Swauger, Rogers gets a call from Joe Negri. He has a drum and marimba player at his music shop. Rogers goes first to the cave where Jim Swauger is working. He shows Rogers one of the petroglyphs in the cave. These carvings include a bird, a rattlesnake, and something rather like a dog. Rogers then goes to Negri's Music Shop to see the drum and marimba player. He explains that a marimba gets its unique sound from the pipes below the wooden planks.
In the NOM, Lady Aberlin refuses to follow King Friday's order to build bombs. Friday gives her a long computer readout, which, he believes, is proof that something is going on. When Lady Aberlin discovers Bob Dog is employed as a spy, she tells him that playing about war is far different than having one. Lady Elaine wants to prove Southwood is a peaceful people. She wants to look for an old schoolmate of hers. She and Lady Aberlin look at the files at the School in Someplace Else, where Harriet shows the underground air-raid tunnels. Given the picture files, Lady Elaine discovers her good friend from Southwood, Betty Okonak. Somehow Harriet and Daniel remember her. Lady Aberlin tells the she and Lady Elaine will ask King Friday's permission to visit Southwood.
Three generals' war practice at the Castle is interrupted when Lady Aberlin and Lady Elaine ask to form a peace delegation to Southwood. Bob Dog finds a Braille message which "General" Brockett reads: "That which is essential is invisible to the eyes." Friday gives permission for a peaceful delegation.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I'm Proud Of You, Good Feeling.