Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 15

Creativity (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 29, 1982 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: You know, when children have an accident and get hurt, their mothers or fathers can sometimes seem angry and sad. "Why can't you be more careful?!" I've heard some parents say to their children. Well, that's because we grown-ups care about children. We don't want you to ever get sick or ever to get hurt. We want you to be as careful as possible so you can keep yourself well and healthy all the time you're growing.

    • Mr. Rogers: Doctors and nurses have many different ways to help you to get better, but it's your body that does the healing.

    • Mr. Rogers: It's okay to cry if you're hurt or if you're feeling bad. Someone once said to me, "Only babies cry!" That's just not true. Everybody cries once in a while.

    • Mr. Rogers: Have you ever needed to hurry to a hospital's emergency room? It's hard to think of rushing to a strange place when you get sick or hurt. But I've learned that if you talk about things that are scary or strange, it can make those things seem easier.

  • Notes

    • All the emergency room sequences were released in a 1982 video called Let's Talk About a Visit to the Emergency Room. Family Communications provided this and about three other videos exclusively for hospitals.

    • Arthur Greenwald produced all the taped scenes of Mister Rogers at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

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