Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 16

Creativity (3)

Aired Unknown Jun 30, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a kitten to his television house. He believes the kitten belongs to Chuck Aber. He brings the kitten to the phone when he calls. Then he shows seat belts to the viewers. Chuck Aber beckons Rogers outside. He collects Princess the kitten. Aber tells about himself (hinting to his roles in 1981 shows). He lets Rogers see the kitty case, seat belts, and toddler car seat in his sister's car. Rogers thinks of people who install seat belts into cars (video insert). In the kitchen, he sets up the models of the Eiffel Tower and the Castle. In the NOM, Officer Clemmons reports to Grand-père that Queen Sara has not broken her arm. It's simply in a sling. A new rule implores everyone climbing the Eiffel Tower mountain must wear climbing belts. The King arrives, about to climb the new mountain. Wearing the climbing belt, King Friday XIII reaches the top and sips pretend tea. He gives pretend tea to Queen Sara, Grand-père and the others. King Friday XIII has another thought: he wants an opera which takes place on a mountain. He asks Lady Aberlin to call Reardon. Officer Clemmons sings from La Donna E Mobile. Lady Elaine drops a bust of herself at the top of the new mountain. Lady Aberlin is having trouble getting hold of Reardon. Chuck Aber, piloting the helicopter that assisted Lady Elaine Farichilde, is one of those named for a potential role in the mountain opera, as is Officer Clemmons, whom King Friday calls "Commodore." Back at the television house, Rogers reflects on past operas. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Sometimes People Are Good ("kitties" substituted for "people"), The Newsreader's Bubbleland Song, Swan Song, Potato Bug Duet, Look What We Found Without Looking, Good Feeling.