Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 12 Episode 18

Creativity (5)

Aired Unknown Jul 02, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

Today is Opera Day. Rogers proposes a 24-minute opera about a place called Spoon Mountain. The opera starts with a kingdom in which King Kittypuss, Queen Mumsiebelle, and Prince Extraordinary celebrating one another's birthdays each day. It's the Queen's birthday, and the King gives her Spoon Mountain as a present. The Prince is tired of hearing his parents say what he should be, rather than who he is. They are about to delve into this when Betty Green of the Park Service barges in. She says a baton-twirling purple kitty was kidnapped while attempting to climb Spoon Mountain. The culprit was Wicked Knife and Fork. Prince Extraordinary volunteers to save Purple Twirling Kitty. Both Prince and Betty vow they will not bow to Wicked Knife and Fork's demand for Spoon Mountain. Prince and Betty buckle together to climb Spoon Mountain. As they climb, they encounter a faint call. It leads them to a door marked "Balindore." The Commodore explains that "the outside is never as much as the in." Entering the door, they encounter a bed-and-breakfast of sorts, serving popcorn. Prince and Betty watch the Alpine News 2 to see Wicked Knife and Fork chaining Purple Twirling Kitty to the top of Spoon Mountain. He will not set the Kitty free until he is given the mountain. Prince and Betty leave Balindore in their pursuit. The commodore offers to help should they need it. That night, Prince Extraordinary sings his praise for Betty helping him feel more than an ordinary man. They reach the top of Spoon Mountain, where Wicked Knife and Fork says he has hidden Purple Twirling Kitty. Betty and Prince must find him themselves. Even though they find Purple Twirling Kitty, Wicked Knife and Fork wants to tie them all up. Commodore arrives. They soon find Wicked Knife and Fork crying. All he wanted was a spoon, rather than a knife and a fork. Prince offers to melt the knives and forks to make spoons at the Castle. The newsman reports Prince and Betty are planning something. They return to the Castle, announcing they and others know what it means to be free. Prince and Betty will marry. Wicked Knife and Fork will change his name. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling. Opera songs: Once Upon A Time, Spoon Mountain, Purple Twirling Kitty Is Kidnapped, It Doesn't Matter Who's In Trouble, You're Very Good At This, Welcome To Balindore, Have You Heard Any News?, Someone Will Save Us, Extraordinary Way, Watch In The Night, Won't You Tell Us Where, There's A Wonder In This Mountain, All I Ever Wanted Was A Spoon.
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