Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 30 Episode 3

Curiosity (3)

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has borrowed a model bucket lift from the local toy-lending library and demonstrates how it is used. Before his demonstration, he puts on safety glasses and a hard hat, which he borrowed from his friend Mike Greco. Greco is pruning trees in the neighborhood, and Rogers rides his bucket lift to see that job being done. Greco discusses what others use a bucket lift for. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is using her binoculars to try and find Prince Tuesday and Little Panda. King Friday XIII thinks she is bird-watching, and summons Mimus polyglottos, an uncurious bird. Friday has no curiosity for where Tuesday is. Henrietta Pussycat is playing with a yellow balloon, and allows Lady Aberlin to join her in play. X the Owl pops up and leaves to "give someone a helping wing." At the Museum-Go-Round, Betty Okonak Templeton is working a bucket lift. She talks of her curiosity that defined her childhood. She points out Daniel's truck conversion of his Clock. Lady Aberlin talks to Daniel about his pretending to live in a truck. She asks if he has seen Prince Tuesday and Little Panda. They have yet to return. Daniel says he will check at Westwood. Purple Panda pops up to tell Lady Aberlin the horrible possibility that Tuesday and Little Panda may have gotten trapped on an "Altogether Other Planet." Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely collects the toy bucket lift and delivers a double pinwheel, borrowed from the toy-lending library. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Mimus Polyglottos Is My Pet, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Good Feeling.
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