Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 30 Episode 5

Curiosity (5)

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 2000 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers does not put on his sneakers. He shows what appears to be a pillow, but is in fact a soft carrier. Inside is his own book, Daniel Striped Tiger Gets Ready for Bed. To get in the mood for a reading, he opens his sofa bed. "He's reading the same book we're reading," Rogers says of a drawing of Daniel. Rogers talked of how curious he was of what his parents did after he had gone to bed. That was the time specifically for older people. It's nighttime in the NOM, but no one can sleep, so concerned are they over Little Panda and Prince Tuesday. Daniel Striped Tiger says he wants the truck pieces removed from his Clock. When the assembly is complete, Daniel hears a ping in the distance (watch the show with closed-captioning on). Purple Panda shares his concern for Prince Tuesday and Little Panda with Betty Okonak Templeton. X and Henrietta spot the hoop with HulaMouse, Prince Tuesday, and Little Panda. They arrive at the Castle, much to everyone's relief. Prince Tuesday and Little Panda talk of their travels. King Friday XIII and Queen Sara implore the Prince to tell them whenever he goes off somewhere. Although Little Panda promises to come back, no one from the Planet Purple will be seen again. Back at the television house, Rogers reassembles the sofa. He gets a phone call from Joe Negri, explaining that violinist Hilary Hahn is at the Music Shop. Rogers talks with Hahn about how she started playing the violin. At his request, Hahn plays a section of music by Bach. Joe Negri joins in to play a duet of Tree, Tree, Tree (with Rogers singing). Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Tree, Tree, Tree, Good Feeling.
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