Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 13 Episode 12

Day Care & Night Care (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 25, 1983 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: Did you ever have a babysitter or a night and day care giver? Did you like that person? You know, mothers and fathers want to be sure that the person who comes to take care of you when they're away will be someone that takes good care. That's very important to mothers and fathers. In fact, that's something you can talk to your mom and dad about--what babysitters and care givers you really like and why. That's important talk, because everybody has feelings about that.

    • Mr. Rogers: Of course, there are many different kinds of day care homes and day care centers. But one thing they are all supposed to have is somebody who really cares for children and gives them good, safe care until their moms and dads come for them. And in most day care places, the children get to love their care giver; but they love their mothers and fathers even more, and that's what makes it hard when their parents leave.

    • Mr. Rogers: When moms and dads both have to go to work at the same time, they often have to find someone to take good care of their children. That somebody is called a day care giver, because it's somebody who gives care in the daytime while Mom and Dad are working away from home.

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    • On the wall of Mrs. Beasleys house (by the cotts) you can see a picture of mister rogers on the wall

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