Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 2

Divorce (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers plays with paper cups in the kitchen. He begins to play the shell game when Mr. McFeely stops by with a torn piece of sheet music. No words, just notes. Rogers goes to the piano and plays what he can read. They both recognize the tune: I Love You Truly. It reminds Mr. McFeely of his wedding 45 years earlier (film insert). Mr. McFeely recalls those who appeared in the wedding, including Jim Gardner, the best man. Rogers begins to suggest that not all marriages are happy ones. Mr. McFeely quickly disdains a discussion of divorce and hurries off. This does not sit well with Rogers. He talks of children who cried when they heard their parents were getting divorced, because the kids thought it was their fault. To set up NOM, the Royal Family is having a picnic. King Friday talks of how much more splendid the picnic would be if they could have flown to this site in a new jet. Queen Sara disagrees. They meet Mrs. Bacardi and her daughter Patty. Off by himself, Prince Tuesday befriends Patty, who reveals her parents are divorced. Tuesday expresses his concern. King Friday doesn't give Tuesday much time to talk before they leave for the Castle. In the NOM, Tuesday expresses his worries with Lady Aberlin. He says he wants to be a machine, since he doesn't want to have feelings. King Friday tells Tuesday and Lady Aberlin to think more about jet airplanes. He instructs Lady Aberlin that, if a representative from A&L Jet Co. arrives, to direct the rep to the A Room, where the King is waiting. Mr. McFeely stops by with a machine for Corny's Factory. Tuesday wants to trade places with the machine. Mr. McFeely tells Tuesday that e has feelings, and that, by showing concern for feelings, he is growing. Lady Aberlin agrees to deliver the machine for Mr. McFeely, but before she reaches the Factory, Lady Elaine shows her curiosity. Lady Aberlin will not open the envelope of "Specifications and Instructions" for Lady Elaine. They go to the Factory. Corny signs for the delivery. He says that, with the machine, he is going to make something different. He is not ready to tell an impatient Lady Elaine or anyone else what he is going to make. Back at the television house, Rogers explains that people have to wait for certain things, and that "When something belongs to somebody else, it's theirs to do with what they choose." He says that machines do the same thing, but people can change their feelings. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I Love You Truly, Please Don't Think It's Funny, Good Feeling.
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