Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 3

Divorce (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 17, 1981 on PBS



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    • Mister Rogers: Sometimes children wonder if other people know what they're thinking. People don't know what you're thinking if you don't tell them. So if you're worried about something, it can really help to tell the people you love what you're worried about.

    • Prince Tuesday: (to the Castle as he runs away from it with his suitcase, sobbing) Good-bye, Mom. Good-bye, Dad. I'm not going very far. (goes under the trolley tracks) I never go really far away. I mean, I'm just going over to Daniel's. (arrives at Daniel's Clock, who is playing with his truck)
      Daniel: Hi, Prince Tuesday.
      Prince Tuesday: Hi, Daniel. I've come to live with you.
      Daniel: Okay. Are you sad?
      Prince Tuesday: Yes.
      Daniel: Want to play first?
      Prince Tuesday: Okay. I've brought one of my cars.
      Daniel: Good. Let's play inside.
      Prince Tuesday: Okay.

    • Queen Sara: I thought we had decided that there would be no extra plane, Friday.
      King Friday: Uh, you may have decided, Sara, but I want to hear this person out.
      Queen Sara: I'm afraid this presentation may be a waste of your time, ma'am.
      Saleslady: Oh, I didn't know there was a question about my coming.
      King Friday: Uh, no question. Carry on, young person.
      Queen Sara: And exactly how much fuel does this plane use?
      King Friday: Uh, not very much.
      Saleslady: Well, it does use the most of all our vehicles, sire.
      King Friday: Uh, naturally for a royal plane.
      Queen Sara: But I told you, Friday. That's what I'm against. We have one plane and it already uses too much gas, and now you want a second which will use even more!
      King Friday: Well, it's purple, and it will have 13s all over it. Uh, you're not even looking at it.
      Queen Sara: I've given it a great deal of thought.
      King Friday: Well, I'm the King!
      Queen Sara: And I'm the Queen! We can discuss it anon! Farewell, everyone!
      (rushes back inside the castle)
      Saleslady: Farewell, Queen Sara.
      Lady Aberlin: Farewell, Aunt Sara.
      King Friday: Uh, eh, perhaps I should speak further with the Queen. Excuse me.
      (goes inside the castle)
      Saleslady: Of course, your majesty.
      Lady Aberlin: Of course, Uncle Friday.

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