Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 11 Episode 6

Divorce (5)

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 1981 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters his television house expecting Mr. McFeely to arrive. He looks out the window as he puts on his sweater. Rogers waits for Mr. McFeely on the porch. When he arrives, he has a clown mask and wig for Rogers to wear. A disguised Rogers enters his house, explaining that whenever you see someone wearing a falseface, there is always a real person underneath. In the NOM, Lady Elaine points her telescope around. Chef Brockett stops by with a bowl of orchid whip Corny needs to finish his surprise. She tells Chef Brockett she is intent on knowing what Corny is making. Brockett will not tell her specifically what he is helping Corny make—only that it's about rocking chairs you don't sit on. Lady Elaine finds the clown delivery man from Air & Land talking to Prince Tuesday. Behind his mask, the clown is not always happy. At Tuesday's asking, the clown says he is divorced, and that his children live at their mother's. Tuesday tells of the King and Queen's feelings as well as his own. The clown, now with his mask off, expresses his opinions to Tuesday, Lady Elaine, and Lady Aberlin. The King and Queen arrive, in full early 20th-Century flying uniforms. King Friday is surprised the deliveryman is not dressed as a clown. He can be his real self, as neighbors assure him. He uses the remote control to operate the electric plane-car. Corny admires the electric plane-car. Finally he reveals his secret: rocking-chair pretzels melded together with orchid whip. Lady Elaine magically returns the container that she had taken three days before. The Royal family takes their first (and only) ride in the electric plane-car. Back at the television house, Rogers explains how important it is to express your true feelings. He goes to the airport to show viewers an airplane. After walking down a corridor, he meets Captain Ron Sessa in the flight deck. The captain illustrates a few of the instruments. Rogers meets Debra (Debbie) Hatfield, a flight attendant, in the aisle of the plane. Rogers works the seat belt, the tray table, the reading light, and the fresh-air vent. He also sees one of the bathrooms. Debbie says she and others on the plane enjoy having children flying. She shows Rogers a snack box, one of the food items served in flight at various times. Back at the television house, Rogers says that, as a child, he had played about divorce and that, while he sometimes didn't tell his parents how he felt, his grandmother could tell. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, The Truth Will Make You Free, Good Feeling.