Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 25 Episode 8

Everybody's Special (3)

Aired Unknown Aug 30, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers notices the photo album that he had left behind. He says Joe Negri offered to play music while he reads a book, Animal Time. Negri says his grandchildren like to see the pictures in the book, all of which have children dressed as animals. Again, this time pointing out the strings on Negri's guitar, Rogers says that everything about everybody and everything is different. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin is dressed as a lion, but she doesn't fool King Friday. He says she is special every day. Then he asks her to help Prince Tuesday. Handyman Negri plays appropriate guitar music while Lady Aberlin sweeps around him. Negri is looking for Prince Tuesday for his guitar lesson. X the Owl tells Lady Aberlin how glum Prince Tuesday has been. Perhaps it has something to do with his cape. Lady Aberlin is at the Clock, where Handyman Negri is waiting. Daniel says Prince Tuesday had been behind the Clock playing, but stopped abruptly. Prince Tuesday appears. He says his robe gets in the way whenever he plays guitar. Back at the television house, Rogers says it's est to play and talk about whatever is bothering you. Mr. McFeely brings a videotape on how people make guitars. After the screening, Rogers gets a cardboard guitar out of his closet. It reminds him of a cardboard guitar he had made as a boy. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Look And Listen, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), This Is Just The Day, Good Feeling.