Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 25 Episode 1

Fast & Slow (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a platform with tubes of varying heights. It's meant for a game. Rogers drops balls into some of the tubes, then drops feathers. The feathers fall much slower than balls. Rogers invites Mr. McFeely to play the game, dropping balls into the tubes. Mr. McFeely shows a picture of a grown-up Chainey Umphrey, who will visit later in the week. Then he presents a videotape on how people make strollers. McFeely says that, when he strolled his grandchildren, he worked the stroller slowly. When he delivered something in strollers, he pushed faster. Rogers shows the dial on his control panel that enables the Trolley to go fast or slow.
In the NOM, the Trolley zips past the Castle, tries to find someone, and then slowly starts to leave, but the King appears. He asks the Trolley to move fast and slow, which it does. Mayor Maggie thinks there is something wrong with the Trolley. King Friday asks the Trolley to leave quickly, and it does. He then coaxes Mayor Maggie to sing Peace And Quiet in both the traditional slow version and a less-appealing fast version. Both agree the slow melody works better. Mayor Maggie goes to the Factory for her appointment with Corny. Because she was interested in strollers for the young ones in Westwood, Corny shows her a Stroller Rockit. It rocks and strolls at the same time. Mayor Maggie goes into the Factory to see more Stroller Rockit fabric. Chuck Aber emerges, trying to determine why the Trolley has been going rather fast. The only one who answers Aber's call is Daniel. Daniel asks Aber to play the game with the tubes and balls. After the game, Aber alternates between fast and slow as he goes to the Factory. Mayor Maggie gives him some information on the Stroller Rockit. She says she will consult with the King about the Trolley, which whizzes by.
Back at the television house, Rogers reintroduces the dial that changes the Trolley's speed.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I Like Someone, Peace And Quiet, You Are Special (last quarter), Good Feeling.