Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 25 Episode 2

Fast & Slow (2)

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has two bags. In one bag is a pair of quad roller skates from an earlier era. The second bag has (he demonstrates) a safety helmet, kneepads, elbow pads, and hand guards. He thinks back (5:47 video insert) to the time he visited Stephen Lee at a roller rink. That day, Lee spotted as Rogers skated. Lee explained how he, on his in-line skates, would start skating. He also showed fast skating. Mr. McFeely shows a videotape on how people make roller skates. In the NOM, Lady Aberlin cannot get the Trolley to slow down. Queen Sara asks Lady Aberlin how she skates. She also tells Lady Aberlin to find a net with which she could contain the Trolley long enough for someone to fix it. Lady Aberlin begins searching for a net, going first to the Museum-Go-Round. Lady Elaine offers a two-for-one special: anything someone asks for, she'll give two. Lady Aberlin asks for a ball at Lady Elaine's request, and gets two balls. When Lady Aberlin says she needs a trolley net, Lady Elaine fetches two. Both nets have the word "Trolley" on the top. Lady Aberlin decides to share one net with the first neighbor she skates into, which happens to be Cousin Stephen Owl. They skate together before she tells Cousin Stephen about the Trolley. The trap the Trolley in the nets and ask it to slow down, but once they remove the nets, it darts off. Back at the television house, Rogers reinforces the dial on his Trolley control panel. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), I'm Taking Care Of You, Good Feeling.