Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 25 Episode 4

Fast & Slow (4)

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a gymnastics toy, larger than the one he had shown in Thanksgiving week 1986, and makes it work. Mr. McFeely thanks Rogers for The Speedy Delivery Alphabet Book. He brings a videotape of Chainey Umphrey from Playthings (1) (silent and reedited). Mr. McFeely says he has more deliveries to make and cannot accompany Rogers on his visit to the gymnasium. Once at the gym, Rogers meets Chainey. He sees Chainey wears bandages on his wrists for protection. Chainey demonstrates a few floor exercises. He also points out the safety "pit," in which Rogers jumps. At another part of the gymnasium, Chainey takes off his wrist bandages and chalks up his hands before working the rings. A man called Augie spots Chainey, lifting him to the rings. Then Chainey does a few swings on the high bar. Back at the television house, Rogers sets up the usual six NOM models. He then runs the model Trolley the whole length of the NOM setup. (Doesn't that give you some kind of clue?)
In the NOM, Chuck Aber and Lady Aberlin have their vine ready on a high platform outside the Castle, poised and ready, but the Trolley zips by on the auxiliary tracks. Lady Aberlin explains X and his cousins told her the Trolley was ticklish. Thus rather than have the vine across the tracks, Aber hangs one end of the vine above the Castle tracks. Aber explains their ploy to King Friday, who has yet to hear of the high-speed Trolley. It zips by the Castle tracks too quickly for Aber to lower the vine to touch it. King Friday is ready to make a decree, but Lady Elaine surprises everyone by standing on the high platform where the vine rests. Lady Aberlin has a box of feathers, the perfect place for a dizzying Lady Elaine to fall. Finally, King Friday decrees the Trolley will slow down the next time it goes past the Caste tracks. But no, the Trolley goes down the auxiliary tracks again.
Back at the television house, Rogers says how dangerous it was for Lady Elaine to stand high above all. He likes those who make healthy plans.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Your Smile's Your /em>, I'm Proud Of You, Good Feeling.
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