Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 25 Episode 5

Fast & Slow (5)

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a toy construction crane to the sand table. He uses the crane to lift a bucket. He then takes a star frame and tries to lift it quickly. As a consequence, the star frame falls off. Thus Rogers lifts it slowly and effectively. This leads to a video montage. Bob Trow visits with a picture he painted of four trolleys. Each trolley has a troll inside. At Rogers' request, Trow demonstrates how he drew the trolleys.
In the NOM, Mayor Maggie tells King Friday that the Trolley always comes by the Castle. Robert Troll has brought parts of Chuck Aber's grand plan. The Trolley zips by twice before Robert Troll leaves for Daniel's Clock. Daniel talks about the Trolley. Robert Troll gives Daniel a painting of four Clocks and the four seasons. There's a space in the middle, which Daniel recognizes as a picture of Malcolm Apricot Dinko (the last time he is mentioned). Aber calls Robert Troll to the Castle. Aber has placed a soft cushion on the Castle tracks. When the Trolley hits that, Aber will be able to lift the Trolley to fix it. He instructs Robert Troll to put a sling around the Trolley when it is stopped. The Trolley rushes out and hits the cushion. With the sling around it, Aber lifts the Trolley. He sees one of the controls is out, so he pushes it in. King Friday implores the Trolley to rest and then travel much slower. Mayor Maggie returns as Robert Troll removes the cushion and Aber lowers the Trolley to the tracks. After a few tense seconds, the Trolley moves at a comfortable speed.
Back at the television house, a voice beckons Rogers outside. It's John Sikora, from the Pittsburgh Steelwheelers. He gets Rogers to sit down for a few exercises.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I Like To Take My Time, Troll Talk, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (the feeding way), Good Feeling.