Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 20 Episode 14

Fathers & Music (4)

Aired Unknown Aug 02, 1990 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows a homemade book that Lani Droz, a teenage girl made for her father, called What is a Father? He then takes a bag to the kitchen. In the bag is a toy wolf without much stuffing. Rogers uses it as a puppet. He says that everyone can feel shy or small at times. Ella Jenkins calls on the phone, asking to come over, and Rogers approves. Before she arrives, Rogers shows photographs of his neighbors. In the NOM, King Friday praises Handyman Negri and then the Royal trumpeters for their excellence. Lady Aberlin visits the school. Lady Elaine tries to convince Lady Aberlin not to make-believe Tome the Rag Doll alive. "What if wolves came to life?" asks Fairchilde. She is frightened when Chuck Aber, in wolf's costume, appears. Daniel is still dressed as a wolf. Lady Elaine tells of the time that someone called her a big bad wolf. Aber and Lady Aberlin insist no one could make-believe Lady Elaine into something she doesn't want to be. At the school, Daniel is dressed as a wolf. Ana and Prince talk of how their fathers can play music. Daniel says no one played music for him, but the thoughts of all are distracted when Lady Aberlin and Chuck Aber arrive. After a brief discussion, Lady Aberlin leaves for the Castle with an idea. She wants to call Mayor Maggie and Dr. Bill Platypus to discuss it. Back at the television house, Rogers begins stuffing the toy wolf. Ella Jenkins arrives with her ukulele. She compliments Rogers and the book. Jenkins tells of her family before singing My Street Begins At My House. As they sing another song, Chuck Aber enters. He joins them in singing Annie, a song praising Southern cooking. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Everyone Feels A Little Shy Sometimes, Good Feeling.