Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 20 Episode 15

Fathers & Music (5)

Aired Unknown Aug 03, 1990 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows a picture of Yo-Yo Ma, whom he goes to visit. Wife Jill Ma greets Rogers on her way to pick up son Nicholas. Yo-Yo is practicing, ready to play Bach's Sarabande. It's a simple piece, and a sad one too. Because Yo-Yo travels a lot, he misses his home and family. Playing Bach's Sarabande helps Yo-Yo feel better. Having a child, Yo-Yo says, has taught him a lot, especially to love more. He says that his father did a lot to shape his musical interest. When Nicholas arrives, he talks about Yo-Yo's visits to school. Yo-Yo plays his cello to simulate a cow and a fire truck siren. Nicholas holds the bow to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with Yo-Yo working the strings. Nicholas goes to the piano for a duet of The Skaters' Waltz. Rogers joins Nicholas for a trio. In the NOM, King Friday is walking Mimus polyglottos and Troglodytes aedon. Lady Aberlin wants to speak to the King, but she first has to greet the birds. King Friday feels fatherly toward them. Finally Lady Aberlin tells her plan to King Friday: she wants to find a father for Daniel so that they can join the Royal family and the Platypus family in music. Mimus polyglottos flies off, forcing Lady Aberlin to look for him. In search of a musical father for Daniel, still wearing a wolf costume, Lady Aberlin speaks with Elsie Jean. She wants Dr. Bill to bring his bagpipes to the Castle. X the Owl has been with Mimus polyglottos, and talks about him to Lady Aberlin. X suggests the perfect father for a Daniel in wolf's costume: she's Mayor Maggie, standing near the Clock. Daniel tells both that Chuck Aber, also disguised as a wolf, will be his pretend father, replete with slide trombone. Mayor Maggie will be Daniel's pretend mother and Lady Aberlin his pretend aunt. Back at the Castle, Prince Tuesday has returned Mimus to the King. They greet the new wolf family and the Platypus family, Chuck Aber arriving just in time. All of them play Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Mimus Polyglottos Is My Pet, Then Your Heart Is Full Of Love, Good Feeling.
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