Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 15 Episode 5

Food (5)

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1984 on PBS



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    • Bob Dog: Friendship is a special kind of food.

    • Mr. Rogers: ...When a person is very, very hungry, he or she can't think about any other kinds of food. But there are other kinds. Music, for example, is food for the hearing, and paintings and beautiful scenery are food for seeing, and books are food for the soul, and loving other people is food for the spirit--many kinds of food.

    • Mister Rogers: One wonderful way of showing that you love people is being able to accept the food they give you. If you really like it and you can tell them so, that can give them a very, very good feeling. I think of these television visits as my way of giving to you. I'm glad that you like to be with us. Bye-bye.

  • Notes

    • A few years after this broadcast, Family Communications donated the script for this program to the WVIZ Televised Auction, held by the Cleveland PBS affiliate.

    • Both Rogers and King Friday XIII identify John Costa as the musical director for the show.

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