Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 13 Episode 4

Friends (4)

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1982 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a fife he had borrowed from Joe Negri's shop. In the kitchen, Rogers has an array of bottles with water filled to different levels. He plays Tree, Tree, Tree by blowing across the top of the bottles. Joe Negri visits, inviting Rogers to hear fife and drummers at Betty's Little Theater. Othar Turner, one of the performers, shows Rogers how the fife is properly played. He plays Sitting On Top Of The World on the fife. Abe Young and then Jessie Mae Hemphill talk of the drums they play and their musical backgrounds. Together the band plays Glory, Glory Hallelujah/When I Lay My Burden Down.
In the NOM, the Castle holds its Royal picnic. In her rush to bring her camera, Lady Aberlin runs by the Clock. She takes up Daniel's offer to go to the picnic together. Daniel waits for her patiently. As he puts his truck away, Lady Aberlin dashes by. Mr. McFeely, riding his tricycle, asks Daniel to call the Castle to see if Lady Aberlin may be there. She is at the Castle picnic, taking pictures of neighbors. When she takes the call she immediately realizes she forgot about Daniel. She returns to the Clock to explain that she was distracted. When Daniel asks if Lady Aberlin felt the same way, she talks of a disappointment at her birthday party. Daniel isn't as sad because of this talk. He and Lady Aberlin go to the Castle for the Royal Picnic. All give their own verses to There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You."
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Tree, Tree, Tree, Sitting On Top Of The World, Glory, Glory Hallelujah/When I Lay My Burden Down, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You", Good Feeling.