Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 19 Episode 6

Fun & Games (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 20, 1989 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers comes in wearing a rakish cap with a reindeer face and antlers on it. Mr. McFeely arrives with a bag of hats. After Rogers dons the Speedy Delivery hat, he and Mr. McFeely share other hats. Mr. McFeely says Andy Holiner and Alice Johnson will be singing with children at another location.
In the NOM, Lady Aberlin and Queen Sara are trying on hats for fun. Lady Aberlin gives a top hat to the Trolley. Mr. McFeely brings a bag of hats and tries one on. When King Friday arrives, he declines to wear a different hat. He tries to pronounce that everyone must wear a hat today, but Queen Sara makes him tone it down to a just-for-fun dealing. Queen Sara grants Lady Aberlin the right to deliver the hats to other neighbors. She gives hats to X and Henrietta. The latter asks for the cowgirl hat. Just as she leaves the Tree, Lady Aberlin encounters a reindeer called Randy S. Caribou. He asks that she put hats on all parts of his antlers. It's one of the foolish things he likes to do. Lady Elaine asks Randy to sing for her TV program. Lady Aberlin agrees, but first she brings Randy to the Clock to meet Daniel. Because Daniel can't decide whether to wear a shower cap or a beanie, Randy suggests that he wear both. Miss Paulifficate invites everyone to a hat party in the Castle.
Back at the television house, Rogers quickly visits Andy Holiner and Alice Johnson. Both do Up With People-ish songs with a handful of schoolchildren.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Today Is New (first stanza only), I Can Fly Like A Bird, The Green Grass Grew All Around, How Many Ways Can We Move?, Good Feeling.