Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 19 Episode 9

Fun & Games (4)

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 1989 on PBS

Episode Recap

Picture-Picture says "Hi" as Rogers brings a new board game that friends had made. The game board has a drawing of the NOM, with the Museum-Go-Round in the middle and all the other locales forming a circle. The game pieces are Trolleys with slots for paper drawings of the NOM characters. Using a spinner, Rogers says the object of the game is to take all the characters to their respective homes. If the Trolley stops on a star, the Lady Elaine spinner on the middle of the board takes the Trolley anywhere. Rogers takes a phone call from Suzie McConnell, a talented basketball player. Mrs. McFeely brings a large plastic ball. She says it goes along with a video Mr. McFeely will bring later. Suzie enters. Rogers shows her the large plastic ball. Suzie explains that she has enjoyed playing basketball with friends for many years. Being the shortest in a game, made her work harder. After she feeds the fish, Suzie and Rogers go to the basketball hoop in the backyard. She tells the details of concentrating on the front of the rim, using your legs, and having one hand guide the other. Suzie also does ball-handling drills.
In the NOM, some of the team members are wearing new orange tank tops. Queen Sara declines to join the team. Bob Dog tells of a similar situation in his past. Lady Aberlin elects to take Daniel's tank top to the Clock. All the outfits read the same: "King Woman Dog Boy Girl Reindeer Tiger Team." Lady Aberlin tries to explain why the tank tops are called "outfits." Daniel recommends that he and Lady Aberlin ask Henrietta and X to join the team. At the Tree, a dour X thinks they want him and Henrietta to watch the team. He is surprised to see Lady Aberlin is asking that they join the pick-up team. Randy S. Caribou, wearing a different outfit, gives tank tops to X and Henrietta. Prince Tuesday is at the Castle with Bob Dog. The remainder of the team as of Wednesday gathers. Now all the unis read "Pussycat Owl King Woman Dog Boy Girl Reindeer Tiger Team."
Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely brings the videotape of dancers performing with large plastic balls.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling.
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