Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 13 Episode 8

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Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1983 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: I'm glad you and I have feelings. We're really alive. We're people.

    • Mr. Rogers: Even though machines might move and sound like they are talking, they are still machines and they don't have feelings. But people have feelings. And when we people can understand our feelings and talk about them, we're free to be who we like being.

    • Daniel: Do you think it's good to have feelings, Handy?
      Handyman Negri: I think it's the best, Daniel.
      Daniel: Why?
      Handyman Negri: Because if you have feelings, you can love people, and you can feel that they love you. And that's the greatest thing in the world.

    • Daniel: Do you like being a machine?
      Robot 67 Bridge 2: What means "like?"
      Daniel: I mean, do you care that you are a machine, Robot 67 Bridge 2? Do you care whether you're that or not?
      Robot 67 Bridge 2: Machines do not care.
      Daniel: Not about anything?
      Robot 67 Bridge 2: Not about anything.

    • Robot 67 Bridge 2: What means "like?"
      Lady Elaine: It just means like. That's all. You either like something or you don't.
      Robot 67 Bridge 2: Robots do not like, do not dislike. That is all.

    • Mr. Rogers: Robots really don't care whether they work or play or stop or go, do they?
      Mr. McFeely: No, robots don't care. Only people care. I'm glad I'm a person and not a robot!
      Mr. Rogers: I am too, Mr. McFeely.

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