Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 29 Episode 6

Go-Stop-Go (1)

Aired Unknown Jul 26, 1999 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers assembles a re-circulating fountain in his kitchen. He pours in four cups of water and turns the fountain on and off. A friend's videotape shows fountains in Chicago, New York City, Tokyo, San Francisco, Paris, Oslo, St. Peter's Square in Rome, Monte Carlo, Los Angeles Music Center, Newport Beach, and Pittsburgh's Point State Park. After the video, Rogers shows the water going down the drains of his bathroom sink and bathtub. In the NOM, King Friday XIII is giving a gift to Westwood once Mayor Maggie has guessed what the gift is. Miss Paulifficate has dusted off the gift which, she says is beautiful "when it's working." A few more clues from Miss Paulifficate leads Mayor Maggie to say "water fall." Thus she receives the old Castle Garden waterfall, not seen since 1981. But a waterfall needs water. Mayor Maggie ventures toward the Platypus mound, but Lady Elaine Fairchilde "obliges." She hands Mayor Maggie a hose which spills out water. Upon drying off, Mayor Maggie tells Chuck Aber about the fountain and Lady Elaine's hose. Aber provides a nozzle for the hose. Lady Elaine is impressed and just keeps squirting. Back at the television house, Rogers displays a sign bearing the word "friend" to Mr. McFeely, who has a video on making raincoats. Rogers gives McFeely the fountain to show Mrs. McFeely (not seen). Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, You Can Never Go Down The Drain, Speedy Delivery To You (second version), Good Feeling.