Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 29 Episode 9

Go-Stop-Go (4)

Aired Unknown Jul 29, 1999 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers enters with a fireman's helmet, loaned from the local fire department. He visits Company No. 15 and its fire chief, Captain Arnold, who displays all the firefighters' clothes and self-contained breathing apparatus. Rogers tries on the fireman's mask and helmet. It's all intended for the safety of the firemen and other people. Rogers also sees the fire truck, water pumps and all. Captain Arnold also explains the Stokes basket (three firefighters transport Rogers in the basket). They hear the fire truck siren. At the end of the visit, Captain Arnold gives three important fire-safety tips, which Rogers reviews at his television house. In the NOM, Handyman Negri and King Friday XIII have enlisted in the Volunteer Fire Department. Negri appoints Lady Aberlin as another volunteer. She and Corny recall the fire at the factory back in 1968. Lady Elaine Fairchilde now says she will not squirt her hose until she is asked to do so. Within seconds, Negri and Aberlin detect a fire at the vacant Platypus Mound. All the volunteers stand to attention. Friday gives the word, and Lady Elaine puts out the fire. The first to express gratitude are Dr. Bill and Elsie Jean Platypus. Back at the television house, Maggie Stewart shows a video of children dressing up in costume—especially firefighters. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Speedy Delivery To You (second version); Good Feeling.
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