Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 14 Episode 12

Grandparents (2)

Aired Unknown May 08, 1984 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a bag with a wind chime made from straws, strings, and bells. He shows how he makes one. A phone call from Joe Negri coaxes Rogers to the Music Shop. There, John Blake plays his violin while his son Johnathan watches. Joe Negri, John Costa and Carl McVicker accompany Blake. Johnathan practices his violin before he joins the others in a performance of There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You". Back at the television house, Rogers shows pictures from the 1930s of himself with his mother and father.
In the NOM, Grand-père shows Lady Aberlin and Queen Sara his pictures of baby Collette with her mother and father. Lady Aberlin gives word of Collette's visit to others. Henrietta is inside X's knothole, saying she and X have a present for Collette: a red knit hat with bells on it. Lady Elaine has a sign in front of her Museum-Go-Round, even though she is not present. Dr. Bill has spent the day with Ana, who shows photos of her with her four grandparents. Lady Aberlin tells Daniel of the Express de grandparents trolley that will bring Collette to NOM. Daniel briefly mentions something about grandfathers when Chuck Aber interrupts. He and others in Westwood have seen the Express de grandparents. Alone, Daniel tells the viewer he has no grandparents. Collette arrives at the Eiffel Tower. Aber introduces himself to her. Grand-père tells Aber how to say "welcome" in French.
Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely drops by briefly before visiting his grandchildren. He gives Rogers a film (video, really) on how people make straws.
Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (instrumental), Good Feeling.