Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 14 Episode 15

Grandparents (5)

Aired Unknown May 11, 1984 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers does not change into a sweater or sneakers. Nor does he sing Won't You Be My Neighbor?. Instead he sings:
It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for an opera
Would you like one?
I know I'd like one.
He directly introduces the opera A Granddad for Daniel.
As Grandparents' Day begins, Daniel Mefford wonders about his grandfather. Thinking his grandfather is an "old goat," he meets a real goat. Daniel's father, a professional polisher, says the grandfather had left years ago. He also produces a picture of the man. Dad goes off to the jungle, the third stop on the Trolley's schedule. Before Daniel's mother leads the Trolley to the aquarium, they pick up a grandfatherly patron, whom Daniel likes. The man has been all over the world. At the aquarium, the old man befriends a small starfish, which enjoys life out of the tank. He offers the starfish a straw. Stop Two on the Trolley's schedule is the police station. Everyone stops in. The old man sells straws to the officer on duty. The officer talks of a trick his grandfather did with a bending straw, exhaling air into a glass of water, bubbling it up to a song. Then the officer sings the words to that song. After everyone else leaves, the officer looks at a missing person poster, with Daniel's grandfather's picture on it. Before they go on the trolley ride to the jungle, Daniel shares his feelings with his mother about grandparents. He old man hints to the Starfish of a son he had known long ago. In the jungle, Daniel's father is mad because his father had gone away and has yet to return. He wonders if they will ever be reunited. The old man announces he will marry the starfish. Only then does the rest of the group realize the old man is Daniel's grandfather. The officer greets them all in the jungle, realizing the grandfather has been found. That grandfather discovers that love is most important. Now a family of four, the Meffords take a trolley ride through the world.
Opera songs: I Think I Found My Granddad, Grandparent's Day, Cheer For Daniel, We Love The Life Of Fish, What A Lovely Day For A Show, Welcome To The Aquarium, We Stars Are Fish Out Of Water, I Sell Straws, When the Day Turns Into Night, I Understand, Polishing, My Father Went Away, Mefford Is Our Family Name, I Have The Best Grandson.