Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 21 Episode 10

Growing (5)

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1991 on PBS



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    • King Friday: I happen to like you exactly as you are, Tuesday.
      Prince Tuesday: But I want to grow.
      King Friday: You are growing every day, son, and growing just right without any magical stuff. You're growing with just the right stuff, which is already inside of you--the same kind of stuff that is inside of me. You're growing very royally.
      Prince Tuesday: You really mean that, don't you, Daddy?
      King Friday: Of course I do. You're my son, and I'm proud of you.
      Prince Tuesday: I feel better and bigger already.
      King Friday: Very good. Yes, very good.

    • Mr. Rogers: You know, tiny babies aren't able to know that when somebody goes away, that person will come back. Babies think that every time they can't see somebody, that person is gone forever. But as we grow from being babies, we learn little by little that people do come back. But that's why we like games like peek-a-boo so much, because with them, we learn to have patience. Even though we don't have to wait very long, peek-a-boo games help us to learn to be patient little by little. And as we keep on growing, we can even go to sleep and know that when we wake up, the people we love will still be there.

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