Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 13

Helping (3)

Aired Unknown Jul 24, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers tells viewers Barbara Smith, the restaurateur, had modeled a wedding dress for the NOM in show #1010 (he shows a videotape of this 1969 visit). He then takes viewers to B. Smith's, where Barbara shows him the kitchen. To show the volume of food served for so many people, they witness a large butter-making machine, one huge refrigerator, and one enormous bowl. Her head chef, Henry, is on hand while Rogers and Smith make a dessert together. Barbara gives Rogers his custard dessert and a napkin. B. Smith appears in the NOM, alongside Queen Sara and Edgar Cooke. Smith and Edgar agree to share recipes at the Castle kitchen. Queen Sara shares a B. Smith napkin with Lady Aberlin, but a huge wind swipes the napkin away. X the Owl donates a spare feather to help Lady Aberlin maintain her balance. She finds a number of vacuum sweepers at the Museum-Go-Round, with which Lady Elaine Fairchilde is trying to sweep up more than one would want. From Lady Elaine's actions, Lady Aberlin senses Elaine is afraid of vacuum sweepers. Back at the television house, young Justin Miller visits the kitchen. He prepares a "turtle sandwich" from green peppers, lettuce, and cucumber. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, It's A Perfectly Beautiful Day for Playing, A Fine-Feathered Friend (good luck deciphering X's lyrics), Good Feeling.
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