Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 14

Helping (4)

Aired Unknown Jul 25, 1996 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers draws on a chalkboard. Mr. McFeely brings a videotape on how people make chalk. After Mr. McFeely leaves, Rogers thinks of Purple Panda and draws him on the chalkboard. In the NOM, Prince Tuesday tells Lady Aberlin that he was once afraid of vacuum sweepers. It had something to do with Purple Panda. King Friday assigns both to recover the Royal vacuum sweepers. Before Lady Aberlin can explain, Mayor Maggie reports all Westwood's vacuum sweepers are gone. Prince Tuesday recommends getting chalk and an eraser in their plan. Corny asks for Lady Aberlin's help, since he has been cleaning the Factory by hand. Lady Aberlin confirms it was Lady Elaine who boomeranged his vacuum sweepers away. Purple Panda meets Lady Aberlin outside the Museum-Go-Round, where they and Mayor Maggie hear a conversation with Prince Tuesday and Lady Elaine. Tuesday believes Lady Elaine is afraid of vacuum sweepers, as Lady Aberlin has suspected. Back at the television house, Rogers hints of Chinese logogram writing. He goes to the house of a male Chinese calligrapher, Professor Wang. His daughter, Jia Wang, translates as he does logograms for "sun," "moon," "mountain" and "water." Both allow Rogers to draw a few logograms. At his request, Professor Wang draws logograms for "peace" and "quiet." The Professor signs the paper with his seal (signature). Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Peace And Quiet, Good Feeling.
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