Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 22 Episode 6

Imaginary Friends (1)

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1992 on PBS

Episode Recap

Before an opening arrangement of Won't You Be My Neighbor? that we would hear many times post-96, Rogers brings an easel. He puts a pad of paper on the easel, on which he will draw a song. He plays a tape recording of Mozart to inspire his drawing, made with three colors of Magic Marker. If he didn't have any tools, Rogers could make up a song in his head and draw in the air. Chef Brockett calls to ask for a telephone number. He wants to discuss something with Maggie Stewart. Rogers dons eyeglasses to read the number. Mr. McFeely arrives. He admires Rogers' drawing, a perfect setting for the delivery: a videotape on how people make colored markers. After the screening, Mr. McFeely tells Rogers what he had suspected since Chef Brockett called: Maggie Stewart will be at Brockett's Bakery later in the week to do sign language. In the NOM, King Friday sings to Mimus polyglottos. Mr. McFeely walks by with a delivery for X. Friday and Mimus are curious enough to want to see the contents of the delivery. On the box is a label: "Deliver to: X the Owl ONLY." When Mr. McFeely can't reach X at the Tree, he leaves the delivery in Henrietta's care. Neither she nor Mayor Maggie, who drops by, knows what's inside, but they imagine what it could be. X the Owl shows up. He thinks he has received his imaginary viewer (IV) and tripod. Mayor Maggie reads a card, saying only the tripod is in the box. The IV will come at a later time. X is disappointed. Still, Mayor Maggie makes a viewer with her hands. Before King Friday starts his meeting with Mayor Maggie, she tells him what X's delivery was. They do a duet of Mimus Polyglottos Is My Pet. Back at the television house, Rogers sees where the lines are on his hands. He draws an outline of his left hand in Magic Marker as a Thank You note for Mr. McFeely. He says he will bring a real telescope for his next visit. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Mimus Polyglottos Is My Pet (both ways), You Are Special, Good Feeling.