Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 8 Episode 35

Key to Otherland

Aired Unknown Apr 04, 1975 on PBS

Episode Recap

Today is opera day. Rogers introduces the opera by playing in the sand box. In the NOM, Betty and Lloyd find a key while playing on the beach. When Betty falls asleep she dreams that the key opens a door to Other Land under the control of Wicked Witch. The witch admires Lloyd's appearance and takes him to her taffy factory because Betty won't give up the key. The elephant calls the swans and beavers to help Betty. Betty falls in love with Swan. The witch is making Lloyd exercise in a room locked with a combination lock. While the witch sleeps, she gives the location of the combination. Lloyd is rescued. When Betty awakes, Lloyd tells her she was dreaming. Betty buries the key. Mr. Rogers explains that the combination was a code for "love"; witches, he says, are both wicked and loving. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Good Feeling. Opera songs: Otherland, Otherland, Brother Lloyd Where Are You Hiding?, I Heard You Calling, Jumping Jacks And Push-Ups, Sleep My Dear, I Will Keep Watch, Swan Song.