Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 11

Kindness and Unkindness (1)

Aired Unknown May 02, 1988 on PBS



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    • Mr. Rogers: Did you ever have anybody hurt your feelings? Did anybody say something to you that made you feel so small and not very lovable? That feels awful, doesn't it? But isn't it nice when somebody helps you feel good about who you are. I mean, if you look for it, you'll probably find something fine inside of everybody.

    • Mr. McFeely: The people who wanted the garden hoe tape told me they were very angry because I brought them the harmonica tape by mistake.
      Mr. Rogers: Oh, Mr. McFeely. Look how much alike the video boxes are.
      Mr. McFeely: I know they look very alike, but they told me that I didn't do my job well, and it was my first delivery for them, and I wanted to do a good one.
      Mr. Rogers: Well, you sure have made lots of deliveries for me.
      Mr. McFeely: They haven't been so bad, have they?
      Mr. Rogers: Bad? Why, you're so special to me, I don't know what I'd do without you and your delivery service.
      Mr. McFeely: I've made some mistakes for you, too.
      Mr. Rogers: Well, who hasn't made mistakes in his work?
      Mr. McFeely: Well, I guess we've all made mistakes sometimes. But those people made me feel so bad. I mean, they made me feel so small--not worth anything.
      Mr. Rogers: Maybe they were having a hard day too, Mr. McFeely.

  • Notes

    • When Fred describes what will be happening in the NOM he suggests pretending about harmonicas. However, harmonicas are never montioned in that episode.

    • This episode features the first appearance in the "modern era" (1979-2001) of King Friday's older wooden bird, Mimus polyglottos.

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