Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 12

Kindness and Unkindness (2)

Aired Unknown May 03, 1988 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers brings a pillow, but does not show it completely. It has a pillowcase covering it. He takes off the pillowcase to reveal the needlepoint design on the pillow: it reads "I Love You." Rogers takes a phone call from Eric Kloss. He is going to join him on a visit to a cavern. When Kloss arrives, Rogers invites him to sit on his couch. Kloss says he wants to hear what his saxophone sounds like inside a cavern. He plays his sax in the television house (we have to have something in which to draw a comparison). Kloss says he did not become blind due to curiosity, and explains how sighted people can help blind people. He tells Rogers that Betty Aberlin is a guide at the cavern. They visit the main building, built inside the cavern. Betty leads Rogers and Kloss down the steps into the cave. She explains that water had worn into rock, creating the cave, and talked of how it was discovered. Rogers and Kloss feel the smoothness in a stalactite and a stalagmite. Kloss plays his saxophone in the cavern. Betty invites them into a larger section, where a stalactite organ awaits. Rogers plays a key, and a plunger hits a stalactite. Together they play Won't You Be My Neighbor? Betty switches off the lights in the cavern. Kloss says he is "right at home in the dark." After Betty turns the lights on, Rogers leaves her and Kloss in the cavern. In the NOM, Queen Sara tells Lady Aberlin how upset she is with King Friday's adamancy. The King says he has called on the expert tutor in International Lofty Generosity, a certain "Sir Thomas T. Tune," to instruct Prince Tuesday. While the King and Queen discuss the tutor, Lady Aberlin goes to the Tree. X the Owl has an audio greeting card from Cousin Mary Owl, who is going to bring X's next OCS lesson. Lady Aberlin tells X that King Friday thinks the school at Someplace Else is too jovial, and that he has contacted a new tutor. At the school, Lady Elaine finishes up the Owl Correspondence School song. Prince Tuesday says he wants to learn to play the accordion. Lady Aberlin arrives with the bad tidings. She hopes Cousin Mary Owl will provide some alternative. Missing from the final minute, Daniel doesn't feel like singing with the others. Cousin Mary arrives in the NOM a day ahead of time. Back at the television house, Rogers sings a lullaby. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, Owl Correspondence School, Sleep Little Baby Lullaby, Good Feeling.
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