Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 18 Episode 14

Kindness and Unkindness (4)

Aired Unknown May 05, 1988 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers says he had talked with Mr. McFeely, who is going to bring something important. When he does arrive, Mr. McFeely is wearing a bicycle helmet. He has borrowed a videotape on how people make bicycle helmets. Mr. McFeely promises to get a bicycle helmet for Rogers. In the NOM, King Friday XIII awaits the arrival of "Sir Thomas T. Tune." Miss Paulifficate brings him a crown cover (modeled after a bicycle helmet), which bears the word "Generosity." The King says he has never met Sir Thomas, and has pictured what he looks like. When Miss Paulifficate asks if Sir Thomas dances, King Friday says no. Lady Aberlin sees Mimus polyglottos and Troglodytes aedon without the King for one moment. The King returns, asking Lady Aberlin to sing for Troglodytes aedon. She asks that the King be kind to Prince Tuesday, trying to defend the school at Someplace Else. The King will not. At the Tree, people-watching, are X the Owl and Cousin Mary. She tells Lady Aberlin that Sir Thomas is not the snobbish teacher the Royal family imagines. Lady Aberlin recommends that Cousin Mary and X go to Southwood to people-watch baby Carrie Dell. Cousin Mary tells Lady Aberlin to say "Hi" to Sir Thomas for her. Daniel ushers Lady Aberlin to the Clock. He has just seen a giant. Lady Aberlin thinks the giant is pretend. Daniel sees him again. It's actually Sir Thomas Tune. Lady Aberlin is pleased at who he is. He admits that he thought Daniel was a wild tiger. Now both are comforted. Sir Thomas dances to the tune of Won't You Be My Neighbor? Daniel hurries off to the school. Lady Aberlin leads Sir Thomas to the Castle. At the school, Ana and Prince are wondering where Daniel is. Prince is worried that this may be his last day at the school. Daniel joins them to say he has seen Sir Thomas. A call from Miss Paulifficate to Harriet Cow is the alarm. Prince Tuesday has to leave now. Lady Aberlin tells all to visit Sir Thomas in the NOM. The schoolchildren take their rhythm instruments. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, What Do You Think Is Important?, Troglodytes aedon, Good Feeling.