Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 5 Episode 41

Lady Elaine's Purple Phase (1)

Aired Unknown Apr 17, 1972 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers demonstrates a whirlpool bath and talks about being angry. Chef Brockett visits and discusses using a whirlpool. In the NOM, King Friday plans to lend Lady Elaine his waterfall as a wedding gift. Plumber Horne and Handyman Negri install it at the Museum-go-round. Lady Elaine requests a pan of water for splash down. When Lady Elaine arrives, King Friday asks her where her husband is. Lady Elaine says that she will tell them about her discovery tomorrow and that she's not getting married. Rogers talks about how the rumor about the wedding started. Elsie Neal stops by with a multimedia painting and the news that the pot she and Rogers made, has been lost. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, I Like To Be Told, I'm Proud Of You, Good Feeling.