Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 22 Episode 11

Learning (1)

Aired Unknown Aug 24, 1992 on PBS



  • Trivia

    • Rogers assembles five Neighborhood of Make-Believe models (Castle, Factory, Tree, Museum-Go-Round, and Clock). He asks, "What have I forgotten?" He actually forgot the Platypus Mound, usually not left behind, as well as Eiffel Tower and all the figurines of all the NOM characters.

  • Quotes

    • Mr. Rogers: Did you ever think of the many things that you've learned to do since you were a tiny baby? Whenever you see a tiny baby, you might think, "I was like that baby one time, and now I'm not a baby anymore. I'm really growing a lot!" There are so many ways of showing that you're growing.

    • Mr. Rogers: Some can do some things, some can do others.

    • Lady Aberlin: Some can whistle, some can fly, some can sing, and some can sigh.

    • Mr. Rogers: Do you know anybody who can whistle with just his or her mouth? (Tries to whistle) That's something I've tried and tried to do, but I just never learned very well. That's all right though. There are other things I can do. No one person can do everything.

  • Notes

    • Mr. McFeely reads his computer printout and says the code for Rogers' television house is R143. This is the second subtle hint to the numeric code for "I Love You," not explained until 1996.

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