Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 8

Love (3)

Aired Unknown Feb 24, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers does not put on his sneakers. Instead he takes off his shoes and socks prior to soaking his feet in a tub of water next to the porch. He thinks of people showing love (video insert). Unexpectedly, François Clemmons drops by. He has been doing honorary work as a police officer today. Rogers allows Clemmons to soak his feet. Both discuss taking baths. It reminds Rogers of his grandfather. In the NOM, King Friday XIII wants to see those around him working. He declines Tuesday's offer to take a walk. Mr. McFeely drops by the Castle with a large package for the Museum-Go-Round. Friday leaves in disgust at the thought of people loving play. Mr. McFeely offers Tuesday to help him with the delivery. They open the delivery at the Museum: it's all soap. Mayor Maggie offers Mr. McFeely and Prince Tuesday to appear in the soap opera, but both decline. Tuesday says King Friday is only interested in good work. Lady Elaine compliments Tuesday for helping Mr. McFeely. At the Castle, Friday refuses to hear of Tuesday's helping others, but Queen Sara contradicts. "People need a chance to express themselves," she says. Back at the television house, Rogers shows twelve pictures from the book A is for Animals. François Clemmons returns (for the last time), singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, which he will perform in concert later today. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (the singing way), The People You Like The Most, Good Feeling.