Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 23 Episode 10

Love (5)

Aired Unknown Feb 26, 1993 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers has a bubble mixture. He blows bubbles from a wand, first in the living room and then the kitchen. When he tries to wash his hands, the faucets in both the kitchen and bathroom don't work. Rogers calls the plumbers to report the problem. Then he washes his hands with bottled water from his refrigerator. In the NOM, Robert Troll practices welcoming people to what Rogers calls "the first of the soap operas." Mayor Maggie brings Associate Mayor Aber to help with the proceedings. Both have brought a large bubble maker, and Robert Troll demonstrates. Lady Elaine practices her lines for the opera. She ducks back behind before the royal retinue arrives. The soap opera "As the Museum Turns" begins. Mayor Maggie says Lady Elaine is the heartthrob, and Mimus polyglottos is M.P. the policebird. M.P. is guarding the world's supply of soap. Lady Elaine has stage fright, forgetting what she is supposed to say. Chuck Aber prompts her. Nervously she tries to remember the lines, but cannot. Robert Troll consoles her. He and Mayor Maggie praise Mimus for protecting the world's supply of soap. Lady Elaine acknowledges usher Robert Troll for saving the heartthrob. Prince Tuesday and then King Friday commends everyone in the play for their work. Lady Elaine is amazed to hear Prince Tuesday loves her. King Friday says he loves all around him. Back at the television house, Rogers reflects on his visit to the kitchen of Mrs. Schipper, who showed him how to make spinach egg rolls (video insert). After the insert, a plumber alerts Rogers that his water is back on. Rogers says the hardest thing to do is to find love in oneself, especially after one is mean to oneself. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, There Are Many Ways To Say "I Love You" (no second verse), Good Feeling.