Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Season 26 Episode 1

Mad Feelings (1)

Aired Unknown Oct 16, 1995 on PBS

Episode Recap

Rogers shows a picture book of paintings by Red Grooms. His detail in the paintings is meticulous. Rogers explains how he is not good at drawing, since he has not practiced extensively. He remembers how, as a boy, he would get frustrated if he could not do something well, and as a result, he would go to the piano and play music that addressed his feelings. This prompts him to ask viewers if they know ways to express their anger that don't hurt anyone else. Rogers takes viewers to see Red Grooms' studio. Grooms shows some of his many works, such as mechanical mariachi band figurines, a taxi, a barn scene, and a bus. The bus, says Grooms, is a model for a life-sized bus sculpture, replete with a driver and passengers. As a surprise, Grooms shows his unfinished painting of the Neighborhood Trolley. Rogers is the conductor in this painting, with several NOM characters riding (Mr. McFeely) is holding on at the back). Grooms decides to paint Rogers' sweater green. In the NOM, Lady Elaine Fairchilde is disgusted with her attempts at drawing the Eiffel Tower. Handyman Negri refuses to tear her drawings, such as the upside-down tower. King Friday sees the resemblance in Lady Elaine's drawing. At the Tree, Henrietta Pussycat and then X the Owl tell Handyman Negri that they have seen a very angry Lady Elaine. When X learns about Lady Elaine's drawings, he explains that all she needs to do is try again. Handyman Negri is surprised to see Lady Elaine on the roof of a rapidly-rotating Museum-Go-Round. She is trying to spin out her anger. Handyman Negri says that will not help her become a better artist. Back at the television house, Mr. McFeely brings brother Adrian and Anthony, both violinists. Rogers and McFeely hear the two boys play Bach. Adrian and Anthony both say they play the violin at times to calm down should they get angry. Songs: Won't You Be My Neighbor?, What Do You Do With The Mad That You Feel?, Good Feeling.